Pool Lifts


A pool lift from AmeriGlide will bring your Title III public pool up to code according to the new rule going into effect January 31, 2013. Call our pool lift specialist to see how easy the process will be for you! 

An AmeriGlide pool lift is the most affordable and convenient option for pools in need of a lift for handicapped individuals.

  • $1,999.00
    Plus Shipping
    Reg. $4,995.00
    • Lift Type:
      Powered Lift
    • Weight Capacity - Min:
      350 lb
    • Weight Capacity - Max:
      350 lb
    • Portability:
      Not Portable
    • Lifting Range:
    Some pool lifts feel less than sturdy with movement and tedious operation that make them a chore to use. Forget all that with the ADA-compliant AmeriGlide Pool Lift. Its rechargeable battery ensures smooth, steady operation, while the powder-coated stainless steel frame keeps the unit sturdy and attractive.